See Our Wide Range Of Pool Accessories

Pumps And Filters

Pump & Motor .6 KW (up to 25 000 litres)
Pump & Motor .75 KW (over 25 000 litres)
Pump & Motor 1.1 KW
Filter 2 Bag (.6 KW)
Filter 3 Bag (.75 KW)
Filter 5 Bag (1.1 KW)
Filter Sand 40 KG
Motor Cover (Fibreglass)
Motor Cover (Poly)
Pump Base

Alluminium Ladders

Above Ground Ladder
Sunken Pool Ladder
Set of U-Bends
Ladder Side
Ladder Platform
Ladder Step Ends
Ladder Feet
Ladder Extensions Set 15mm

Water Circulation

Vinyl Skimmer Box
Pool Skimmer
Aimflo (+gaskets)


Pool Light (Vinyl)

Rakes, Vacuums And Poles

Leaf Rake
Plastic High Vac
High Vac Hose Connection - Jumbo Jet
Jumbo Jet Bag
Vacuum Hose 10m
Pole 2m (+bolts & end caps)
Pole 3m (+bolts & end caps)
Pole 4m (+bolts & end caps)

Testing Kits

HTH Water Testing Kit

Baracuda Pool Cleaners

Baracuda Leaf Eater
Baracuda Classic Pool Cleaner
Baracuda Genius Pool Cleaner
Pool Cleaner Hose (6 pack)
Pool Skim


140 Clearwater Chlorinator (unit only)
170 Clearwater Chlorinator (unit only)

Repair Accessories

Wire Spirals
Vinyl Patch Kit
Mega Bond 730 Vinyl Patch Glue (per litre)
Mega Bond 730 (125 ml tin)
Mega Bond 730 (500 ml tin)
Mega Bond 730 (50 ml tube)

Pipes, Clamps And Tape

Poly Pipe 40mm (per metre)
Insert Coupling 40mm (P/P S)
Insert Coupling Elbow 40mm (P/P E)
Insert T-Coupling 40mm (P/P T)
Insert Male Elbow 40mm (T/P E)
Insert Male Adapter 40mm (T/P S)
Insert Male Elbow 50mm/40mm (T/P 50/40 E)
Insert Male Adapter 50mm/40mm (T/P 50/40 S)
Hose Clamps Thread Seal Tape

Featured Accessories

Filters And Pumps

Filters and pumps are available in various sizes and kw ratings to suit your swimming pool needs.

Garden Hose Vacuum

This ingenious device connects to any standard garden hose fitting. Ideal for smaller pools where a pump and filter system is not viable.

Fibreglass Walk-In Step

This high quality fibreglass step is suitable for any vinyl-lined concrete block pool. The step is built into the block wall and the vinyl is simply attached to the step edge. Call for prices on various models.

Pool Lights

Light up your pool at night with this latest LED technology ultra-low cost, swimming pool light.

Click on the above AquaBlu pool light to visit the AquaBlu Website

Click here to access the Aqua-Blu pool light range Standard 12Vac supply. Running cost from as low as R 4.00 for an entire YEAR ! (24 hours a day)