Vinyl Garden Pond

Excavate your hole and build out your pond with brick or block walls. Prepare your sand base and remove all sharp objects.
Line your pond with non-toxic black vinyl.
Enhance your garden with an
AFFORD-A-POOL vinyl lined pond.

Block-walled Vinyl Pool

Excavate your pool 30 cm larger than your pool size. Costruct the walls with cement and brick reinforce. Build your skimmer box, aimflow, light and fibreglass steps into your block wall.
Plaster your walls smooth.
Make sure your pool is level using a water level.
Prepare your sand base and lay out your vinyl liner.
Start to fill your pool with water and lift the vinyl sides over the wall.
When your pool is full, nail the vinyl down.Attach vinyl seals to your aimflow and skimmer box. Prepare the size for your coping and paving.
Complete the paving. Enjoy your AFFORD-A-POOL.

Kids Portable Pool

Assemble your wire mesh cage with the easy to connect wire spirals. Snap on the black split tubing over the bottom and top of your wire mesh. Place the Assembled mesh in your selected level area .Lay out your vinyl liner. Cover your wire spirals with the vinyl apron supplied.
Lift the walls of your liner and fold over the mesh.
Only tie your liner loosely at this stageClimb into your pool and start to fill.
As the water level rises, continue to evenly take out any slack in the wall by temporarily re-tying the tags. Enjoy your AFFORD-A-POOL

Oval Vinyl Pool

Excavate your pool hole 30cm larger than the pool size. Construct the two block walls to hold the straight sides of your pool.
Assmble your wire mesh cage with the easy to connect wire spirals.
Snap on the black split tubing over the top and bottom of the wire mesh.
Clip in your flexit boards under the split tubing.
Overlap the boards and tape in position.
Position the pool walls correctly into the oval shape.
Use a water level to make sure the walls are level.
Prepare the pool base with good clean builders sand.
Install your vinyl liner and fill pool with water.
Make sure you remove all creases in the vinyl.
Once the pool is full you can attach the skimmer box and aimflow.
Enjoy your AFFORD-A-POOL.