Dassen Island

Afford-A-Pool supplies portable swimming pools to the cleanup effort

3 July, 2000 - With the recent disastrous oil-spill by The 'Treasure' off Cape Town, an alarming amount of ecological damage was evident, especially the 20 000 oil-coated penguins on Dassen Island.

A huge cleanup operation was launched, and Afford-A-Pool was there to supply these portable swimming pools to keep the penguins happy throughout their ordeal. All 55 000 penguins were evacuated to prevent further damage. The birds are being cleaned in Salt River, Cape Town, in 4 big holding areas like the one you can see below.

Penguins Galore A volunteer by the pools

These holding areas contain more than 300 pools to date. All the penguins are cleaned, fed, and looked after until they can return to their natural home. The clean penguins are taken up the coast to Port Elizabeth, where they are being released into the ocean for their 10 day journey back to Table Bay. By this time the oil should be cleared from the area.

This is the largest bird evacuation ever undertaken anywhere on earth.

More happy penguins One of the four holding areas

Afford-A-Pool is working round the clock to keep up with this sudden demand for vinyl pools and other accessories as volunteers work tirelessly to save as many of the distressed penguins as possible.

SANCCOB have advised that nearly 1000 volunteers are needed each day, so if you are interested or know someone that may be able to donate some of their time to a good cause, please contact us or SANCCOB as soon as possible.