Components Of A Fish Farming System

Fish Farming is one of the fastest-growing sectors of agriculture in the United States and South Africa is leading the industry in Africa.

We design and manufacture vinyl liners to satisfy a multitude of requirements of this dynamic industry.

These Include:

Holding Tank

The holding tank is the container that houses the growing fish. Sizes are determined by the available space, species size, desired density and the desired output of the farm. The tanks may be rectangular, circular or in a configuration called a "D-end Raceway." The D-end raceway is basically an oval shape with a dividing wall.  

Algae Growth Tank

This tank is used to grow algae as a fish food source.  

Clarifier Tank

Besides mechanical filtration to remove suspended solids, a clarifier is used for the same purpose. It is a setting basin designed to concentrate and remove suspended solids before they clog the biofilters or consume too much dissolved oxygen. It is separate from the fish tank and the biofilter in order to allow for periodic cleaning. The addition of various filters can increase the clarifier's efficiency.